Level Letters: Certain Never Was


This week, I found myself weary. Fatigued from the seemingly constantly recurring topics of uncertainty and illness, conflict and opinion, carelessness and fear.

Mostly, I felt tired of the intense focus on “uncertainty.”

I keep returning to this:

Certainty is an illusion.

It’s routine dressed up as trust, convention masquerading as promise.

The fact is, certain never was. It was always faith. The question is, faith in what?

Where, in what, or in whom have you placed your faith?

Routine? Convention? Work? Freedom? Busy-ness?

This is an opportunity to reconsider where we’ve placed our confidence. This is an invitation home, to re-examine what we’re elevating, worshipping, unwittingly making into a god.

Certain never was. You were always wrapped in mystery.

Nothing here was ever guaranteed.

I’ve realized dependency is best placed in the divine; in that which is greater than human failings or achievement; in that which outlives the circumstances around me; in peace that surpasses the conflict surrounding, or even within.

We always have choices, but these times constantly, repetitively, exhaustingly dubbed “uncertain” feel like an invitation into some big ones.

You can keep routine, convention, and normalcy, but remove them from their thrones. You can embrace that certainty was always an illusion and so was control. In my experience, control is also heavy, and when you see the fantasy it is, you are free to set it down. You were never meant to carry the weight of the world.

What if you rested in the relief of putting down what was never yours to carry?

What if you found a better keeper for your hope and your heart? What if you took back your faith, your perception of “certain,” and decided, more consciously this time, where or what or who deserved to hold it?

“Uncertainty” can be scary. What if it’s also exactly the mystery where you’re meant to grow into yourself? What if the uncertainty of the world is where you find clarity in who you were created to be?

What if, when everything you thought was certain fell away, you pursued real faith?

What if the path into the unknown ultimately leads you home?


Moments with Alice TJ (@heyalicetj)
Alice is my current favorite follow on social media. She’s a relationship coach and communication educator, but that doesn’t do this justice because she beautifully blends high quality guidance around mindset and relationships with hilarity and human moments. Plus, her stories on the gram are just easy to listen to/look at, and in the age of a billion Zoom calls and wayyy too much screen time, that is extremely valuable.

Cacao Powder in Smoothies
Because sometimes my body needs greens, but my mouth needs a milkshake and somehow this gives me both. Winning combo of the week: Spinach, frozen banana, scoop of protein powder (chocolate or vanilla), tablespoon-ish of Cacao, a little peanut butter if you’re feeling sassy, and almond milk. Blend for longer than you think. Boom.

The Last Dance Docuseries
This is fascinating. It’s a ten part series following Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls and their championship reign. The creators did a beautiful job building mini story arcs, so as Jon and I watched these episodes each Sunday and Monday night for the past month, I found myself really passionate about various Bulls players despite never being a Chicago fan, and barely being a basketball fan. The whole series made for great conversation about what makes people tick and had us alternatingly captivated and laughing.


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