Level Letters: Something Different

Thinking About Change, While Calling This a Holding Pattern


A little something different — short and sweet. Stick with me, or catch me next week 😉 Love ya either way. 

Thinking about change while calling this a holding pattern is met with a whisper of “No, it’s restoration.”

Days where so little changes in my tiny world make up a year where so much has seemed to in the real one.

Bearing witness to tremendous pain, while something greater insists “It’s the beginning, not the end.”

Intense longing for all things beautiful, honest, and wild; for healing in spaces that remain just elusive enough to stay almost untouched.

A soul’s exhale when only the water and the mountains and the trees can see.

Steps on a hike finding rhythm like unspoken prayer. Short breaths, stolen by altitude and awe.

A drumbeat of sameness, explosions of revolution, and here… stillness and restlessness fighting for air in a land where each believes only one may breathe.

Can I hold them both? Can restlessness move me, but stillness choose where?

Let our change be growth.

Let restlessness move us, but only stillness set the course.

Let us abide in the truest, the beautiful, the wild.

This is no holding pattern; it’s restoration.

– LL

This week, your daymakers are photos of beautiful places.
We’re going off-book this round. Lean into it.

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