Level Letters: He is the same.

This past week I drove halfway across the country and back.

I never do this. I love to drive, but often feel time is too short, so I’m a flyer. I also hadn’t planned to travel to Colorado at all this Summer, but it turns out God has a way of getting you where you need to be, if you’re willing.

As I drove back to Washington, I was overwhelmed by the abundance of beauty to see—by the choices of scenic byways versus towns along highways and which detours to take and how would I ever manage to see all of this? Not on this trip of course, but truly ever? There’s just so much.

Other times, I fall into what has now trendily been coined a “scarcity mindset.”

I can swing from “How will I ever manage to see all of this?” to “Am I sure there is enough? Should I be saving this?” with breakneck speed. My values between those two moments don’t significantly change. Both places, both beliefs feel so real in the moment. When I take a step back, my real view of the world is much more “How will I ever see enough?” than “Is there enough?” but in moments of having to choose, of giving something up, scarcity feels real.

Here’s the thing though.

Whether I feel like I don’t have enough, or like there is so much for me I can’t imagine how I’ll ever be able to take it all in, He is the same.

Whether I’m in a peaceful Sunday, or a hectic Monday, He is the same.

Whether I feel like there is nothing to say and the universe has nothing for me to hear, or I just know I have to shuffle the songs on my iPhone because there’s something there for me today, He is the same.

The Force behind the universe, the Maker of all things, the “Big Magic” is always there. Always the same. The moments of “How will I ever absorb all this beauty?” are magnificent reminders, but the silence is no less held.

Happy Sunday night, friends.

– LL

p.s. I’ve missed you. Tell me how you are? xx

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Jon Bellion Music
A lot of it, honestly, but in a nod to this week’s topic, give “He is the Same” and “Maybe IDK” a listen. This “Stupid Deep” acoustic video is cool, too. Excellent music for most occasions. 

In case you somehow haven’t heard about this, watch it! Then, if you’d like to reeeeally nerd out, let’s talk about it! I don’t have enough words. It’s so excellent. Many viewings to come.

My Favorite Murder, A Podcast
I love a little true crime and these ladies are so funny. My husband was only a little concerned when I told him this was my new favorite “lighthearted podcast.” Beware of binging, it can make you feel creepy, but in small doses, it’s twisty enough to keep me focused and funny enough to make me LOL. Heads up, the language is colorful.

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